Cracked and spalling concrete are the results of poor quality concrete substrate applied over the steel reinforcement. Combined with repetitive wetting and drying causes the steel to rust and then the rust layers build up and push away the concrete cover causing cracks.

Over the years environmental factors take their toll and cause salts to ingress the concrete capillaries through to the steel reinforcement bars, thus starting the corrosive process.

It’s essential that when the above symptoms are witnesses, professional advice is sought to explore the recommended course of works. These may include:

Initial on site visit to analyse cause

  • Review of structural stability of the concrete
  • Removal of damaged concrete area
  • Cleaning, protection and prevention from further corrosion
  • Correct shuttering and profiling
  • Possible waterproofing to external concrete surfaces to prevent further ingress.
  • Colour matching concrete surface to original cosmetic appearance.

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