Masonary (brickwork) deterioration is most commonly related to structural movement leading to cracking and spalling leading to subsequent penetration of rainwater. Surface erosion is influenced by nature and porosity of the masonary and its location. For example, constant changing wet and dry weather patterns will cause the brickwork to become porous. The weather can also wash out and erode the cement from the mortar beds creating internal cold spotting and damp ingress.

Crack stitching commonly used permanent solution for structural repairs. Crack stitching repairs involves installing specially designed metal rods that are placed across the cracks at intermittent locations to strengthen and stablise the brickwork. Once repair is complete, the treated areas are repointed into the properties original condition.

We carry out all forms of brickwork repairs, wall stabilisation ie; building or leaning walls and all repointing and brick replacement works.

We have an extensive knowledge and expertise in brick repair and structural restoration using a variety of techniques including the Helix system, Resin Anchors and basic reconstruction. We also can replace door and window lintels once corrosion is apparent and creating destabilisation of brickwork.

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